Disrupt yourself before someone else disrupts you.

Disrupt yourself before someone else disrupts you.

I’m willing to bet few of you would say you’ve reached your true potential, and rightly so. Because the truth is that no matter how good you or your business are doing, you can always do better.

But how exactly do you do that? Where do you start? What can you every day to get a little bit better?

These are the questions New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur Mark Sanborn set out to answer in his latest book, The Potential PrincipleAnd boy does he deliver, with a proven system for closing the gap between how good you are and how good you could be.

I’ve had the immense pleasure of getting to know Mark over the years and have benefited enormously from his advice, both professionally and personally. That’s why I’m so excited to share with you this video conversation I recently had with him.

Listen as Mark explains why it’s so important to disrupt yourself before someone else disrupts you, and then provides steps for getting started.

Intrigued? You can learn more about The Potential Principle here. Mark has also provided us with the accompanying Action PlanWorksheet, and Discussion Guide. I hope these help you as much as they’re helping me.

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