I ask all kinds of people for feedback and help. Through the years I’ve learned a ton by asking for help. It takes thick skin to take criticism, but if you learn to take it for what it is and not take it personally, you can improve tremendously.

For me, I care about how the feedback is delivered. You can tell me just about anything you want, as long as you talk to me in a way you’d like to be talked to yourself. And truthfully, even the clients that yell at me, I’ve learned from. I try to just take the feedback for what it is−help. I try not to take it personally. (That’s hard sometimes; we all know that.) I have improved a lot from my clients’ feedback and my constant quest to please them. What I have learned there has helped me improve my offerings to other clients.

Right now, I have assembled a Board of Advisors for GROW! 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. We just met on Friday to find the best way to improve next year’s event. I realize I don’t have all the answers and I’m listening to this group of 6 smart business people tell me how we can make the learning experience as valuable as possible. And, while I’ve got you, I’d like your help. If you could please, e-mail me with any and all suggestions you have for me about GROW! 2013. I’d like to know what the makeup and design of an event would have to be to make you NEVER want to miss it. Lay it on me. I only want to get better. And when it comes to feedback, I advise you to ask for it. If you know how to listen and just take the feedback for what it is−a chance to help you grow your business−you’ll be glad you asked and have more money in your wallet as a result!

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