I’m a big REDS fan. Here’s a photo from last summer of my son and his pal Matt at the Reds game.

We love to go to the games. I live about 50 minutes from the ballpark if there’s no traffic, so it’s really fun to run down there. Anyway, our favorite player is Joey Votto. If you didn’t read about it, Votto just signed a 220+ million-dollar contract. Good grief, what would you do with all that money? I guess you could help a lot of people; buy a plane; okay, so we could figure out how to spend it. Despite already being a wealthy man, Votto dealt with some personal issues a few years ago. He had to take a leave from the team. His father had passed away and he just was having trouble. When my father passed away unexpectedly, I had some similar issues.

Joey Votto said he realized part of his problem was he wasn’t “enjoying his successes.” That seems hard for us to understand, doesn’t it? How can a millionaire, playing baseball, and doing something many of us can only dream of, have trouble enjoying his success? You know, it’s really pretty easy. I am nowhere near as financially successful as Joey Votto and I know I won’t ever be. I’m fine with that. What I do know is−I need to enjoy my success. You need to too. And that’s my Great Idea for this week−ENJOY YOUR SUCCESS!

I just got back from being on Spring Break with my family in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

The fact that I have a team at Grunder Landscaping Co. that is so good I can leave for a week during the busiest time of the year says a lot about my leaders. I would not be able to do this if it weren’t for them. Our trip was not anything fancy; we drove down there; we stayed in a condo; we cooked some of our own meals; we went out to dinner with our friends who came down with us; and we did a whole lot of bonding and a whole lot of nothing. And, we enjoyed our success. My wife Lisa and I are lucky beyond belief. We don’t have more money than we know what to do with but emotionally we’re filthy rich! So, in the next week, make sure you take some time to enjoy your success. It doesn’t have to be a big deal; go to dinner; take an afternoon off and go home early; buy a new pair of shoes; get your car detailed; just do something that enables you to see some of the fruits of your labor. It’s spring and landscapers are busy now. We need to take a deep breath and sit back once in a while, even when we are our busiest.

Joey Votto pointed out something we can all learn from−we need to enjoy our success. And, we need to measure success not just by how much money we have in the bank, but by how many lives we’re impacting and really and truly looking at all the things we’re successful at: family, friends, health, freedom, and faith, for starters!

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