Do you ever lose clients?

Do you ever lose clients?

My great idea for the week is a marketing idea. I want you to send the following letter with a boomerang to every client you have lost in the last two years.


Dear Mr. and Mrs.

Hello. I hope this letter finds you and your family doing well in 2008. Last year was a good year for us, but it would have been better with you as a client!

Maybe you had a boomerang when you were a child – I know I did. As you know, the boomerang has a unique, but simple design that, when skillfully thrown, returns back “home.” And that’s what I hope happens between Grunder Landscaping and you. We want to work with you in 2008.

Grunder Landscaping has worked hard again this past year improving our services. Our team has grown and I’m proud to say we now have twelve Ohio Certified Nursery Technicians. We have added more equipment, making our company more efficient and competitive, but most of all there’s a lot that hasn’t changed. Like our attitude and our neat and professional team members.

When you do business with Grunder Landscaping, you can have confidence knowing that we care about you and your landscaping. I know we’re not perfect, but I do know we make things right. You can choose Grunder Landscaping knowing that we value your business and have a team of professionals committed to your satisfaction.

Enclosed is a Summer Clean Up contract for 2008. Please take a moment and look it over and call me personally if you’d like to talk. We want your business back!


Martin J. Grunder, Jr.
President & CEO

You can get the plastic boomerangs made with your logo on them. Just about any promotions company in your area can help you or you could even order this product online.

Many times when you make it easy for an old client to come back, they will. If you have the guts to try this one, I believe it will work well for you.

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