Do you praise your Team?

Do you praise your Team?

One of the things we’re working on here at Grunder Landscaping Company is trying to teach our leaders to praise their followers more. The praise needs to be specific and memorable. We don’t want to heap so much praise on our team that it means nothing or gets diluted. We’ll be talking more about this at GROW! 2013 in ten days. (Are you signed up? Why not?) In preparation for our discussion on the power of praise at GROW! 2103, here’s a well-written piece from the research giant Gallup.  Yes, it’s a little heavy and full of some big words, but if you read it a couple times, I think the lesson is clear and will show you some ways to impact your bottom line with praise. So, read on… and, by all means, tell us what you think below.
Thanks; see you at GROW! 2013.


  1. Sheri Spencer Reply

    Great article and so true. In lessons learned from Marty, I write a personal note to praise an employee and send it to their home so their spouse can see it. This seems to go further than any other praise given.

  2. Jim Wollney Reply

    Dear Marty,

    Thanks for the article and asking my opinion. I think it is a great article. It made me feel good. Our vice president is really good at offering praise. It made me think about how good other people feel when I offer praise about them, they feel good, I feel good. It also reminded me about an employee who seems to walk around like a sad wet puppy dog when he is underpraised but is a shining star when he is positively reinforced. I like to say “it is nice to be nice to be nice people, but difficult for those who are not”. Thanks again Marty. You make me feel like a winner. Best of luck in 2013. Lets make it a great year, one day at a time.

    Jim Wollney

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