Do you sign your name with an exclamation point?

Do you sign your name with an exclamation point?

Recently I spoke to an awesome group of women in Troy, Ohio. A couple of days after the event, I got a nice note from Ruth who told me she enjoyed my presentation and finished by asking, “By the way, what is the ! after your name mean?” So to Ruth and everyone else, let me tell you.

I believe we all have choices; we can be happy or unhappy. Too many of us allow ourselves to be sucked into the negativity that others bring our way. We feel sorry for ourselves and we don’t realize that our attitude determines our altitude. I know, this sounds corny and some of you are thinking, “Marty, all the positive thinking in the world isn’t going to help the economy and solve all our problems.” Okay, if you believe that, take that attitude and see what it gets you.

I sign my name with an exclamation point as a constant reminder to myself of how important it is to be enthusiastic. I’m a self-proclaimed cheerleader. I love life, I love people, and I love the United States of America. We have some challenges right now, not going to argue with you there. But, if we all stick together, we can do some amazing things. For starters, if we become someone others want to be around, just that will make a difference. So, I ask you to join me by signing your name with an exclamation point to help you realize that YOU can make a difference and that you can win if you believe you can. Try it for a week and see how many people notice, work with a little extra energy, hand out some compliments, find the positive in all that you do. Make yourself someone others seek out to talk to, be a friend to all and listen to people. This will show you what an impact these simple things can make on your life and others.

People often tell me that they feel better after they talk to me. What they don’t realize is that I feel better by talking to them; we’ve helped each other! I am so lucky I am sought out for help. So, to Ruth, that’s why I sign my name with an exclamation point and that’s why I think everyone should do the same!

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