Do you use Social Media?

Do you use Social Media?

We all wonder if Social Media is worth it or not. For Landscapers, I think it makes sense to be involved in it, but not to spend a lot of time and money on it. And until someone can prove to me the exact amount of business they can attribute to their Social Media efforts, I will continue to do a little bit of it at Grunder Landscaping Co. but not a lot of it. I will do a lot of it at Marty Grunder! Inc. as I can tell you that does work for us. 
Here’s a really good link by my friend Jeff Korhan on that subject. 

And speaking of Jeff, he has a brand new book out that would help you with your social media; buy it by clicking here

Jeff was a long-time landscaper in Chicago so we landscapers need to stick together. He sold his company years ago to pursue another passion and today travels the country helping small businesses with Social Media.

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