Doing things right

Doing things right

We leaders tend to spend a lot of time catching people in our organizations doing things wrong. And the reality of being a leader is you have an obligation to communicate to your team what mistakes they have made. No business, sports team, or group will get better if you don’t try to fix the things that are wrong and/or broken. But, in correcting the things that are wrong, broken, messed up, or whatever you want to call them, you must NOT lose sight of what is being done right.

This week, I challenge you to change how you look at managing for one week. Make sure you are pointing out 2 good things for every bad thing. Just do that; try it and see what happens.

I have found a well-placed compliment that is specific and sincere can motivate a person to achieve new heights. Why? Compliments are fuel for one’s soul. They show the faith and confidence you have in that person. And when someone knows you believe in them and trust them, it’s amazing what can happen.

Skeptical? Okay, being skeptical is okay. Let me help you believe my theory. Do you know of a former employee that is excelling at a competitor? Do you have someone on your team that excels for you, but didn’t at their prior job? Have you seen an athlete who wasn’t very good on one team all of the sudden perform at a higher level while on a new team?

As a leader you have to fix mistakes; you can’t ignore them. So the focus needs to be not on what is said, but how it is said. A real leader spends twice as much time trying to catch people doing things right as they do wrong and in the process develops all sorts of people into top performers. You reinforce frequently and specifically what is good, what is right so that your followers can’t help but want to do more of the good than the bad. It’s actually a pretty simple concept to growing a company, an organization, or sports team. Try it; you’ll like it and so will your followers!

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