Door Hangers

Door Hangers

This week’s great idea is a simple one, folks. Since most of you who receive this weekly great idea own service businesses, I wanted to tell you about something simple we do that helps sell work. We hang door hangers. I know, not a big deal, not terribly creative, but they work.

Here’s a photo of ours:

Grunder Landscaping Door Hanger

When our crews arrive at a job, the first thing they do is go to the homes immediately surrounding the jobsite and place these door hangers on the neighbors’ doors. It’s all marketing and it works. We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of work in the last 10 years using this simple tactic. And you could do the same. But you have to do it and I sure hope you will. Door hangers have been around longer than I…and they work. They don’t cost much either and that’s a Great Idea!

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