Elite Retreats

Refresh Your Thinking, Reset Your Business, Renew Your Spirit

You know when it’s time to step back and take stock of your business. And, maybe even your life. You may be caught up in any of the following unproductive situations:

  • Stuck in a routine that doesn’t feel rewarding
  • Working hard but not getting a lot done
  • Not achieving goals
  • Worse, not setting goals
  • Your competitor is eating your lunch
  • Not breaking through to the next level of sales
  • Always putting out fires
  • Feeling you have to do it all to get jobs done right
  • No time to take care of for yourself or your family
  • Your obstacle here______________

Step Away from the Day to Day and Invest in Yourself with a Retreat with Marty

Marty conducts high-level, invitation-only retreats for the owners and leadership teams of landscaping companies with revenues of more than $1 Million. Some retreats are held in Marty’s “personal laboratory,” Grunder Landscaping Co. in Dayton, Ohio. Other retreats are held around the country at other successful landscaping operations. The agenda for each retreat varies depending on the location, nearby sites of particular relevance, and the topic selected for a deep dive.

When you spend high-value, focused time with Marty, you experience these benefits:

  • insights and experiences from a working landscaper who has spent his career fine-tuning the discipline of running a great landscaping company.
  • a refreshed and re-energized attitude to tackle actionable plans and specific next steps tailored to your needs.

Without exaggeration, these exceptional, one of kind events will change your business and your life.

Forget Best Practices. Embrace Better Practices.

The intensive evening and full day experience examines better practices, which are tailored to your specific situation, are do-able and produce results. With Marty’s guidance, you begin to make true progress, and not pursue perfection, which leads to frustration.

Participants not only review nuts-and-bolts disciplines but they also learn innovative approaches to:

  • strategic planning
  • sales and operations
  • administration skills
  • executive leadership
  • people management
  • taking care of yourself and your family

Marty leads these intimate events with characteristic energy and wisdom. He creates an environment that sparks new ideas, renewed enthusiasm, and more than a little self-discovery. Participants emerge with a game plan, priorities and renewed commitment to leading their businesses to unprecedented levels of growth.

If you qualify, talk to Marty about attending his next Elite Retreat.

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