Finding Team Members

Finding Team Members

We have been very busy since GROW! 2015. A lot of new business, as many of the landscapers that attended the event now see more clearly how Marty Grunder! Inc helps landscapers GROW! their businesses.

One of the big challenges that we have been helping our clients with is finding team members. Here are a few things we are using on our social media outlets.

Also, in September, we will be releasing a new product that is sure to help landscapers in the areas of Attaining, Training, Retaining, and Entertaining a Modern-Day Green Industry Workforce. One of the beliefs we have is that you have to be constantly recruiting. Never give up, don’t get discouraged, and LOOK EVERYWHERE for people.

So, in that light, I’m asking you, do you know someone in or around the Dayton, Ohio area that might be a fit for us? If so, by all means send them this GREAT IDEA and tell them to come see us.

Also, here’s an ad we recently ran in the paper:

News Paper Ad.jpg

We share these ideas with you to help you. Feel free to use them in your company. And again, if you know someone, send them our way!

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