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More than just a Binder. A whole new way to run your business…

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From stem to stern, the Forms Kit lays out Grunder Landscaping’s entire system. Why make up your own forms when Marty can provide every form you need to run your operation? The Kit includes Forms, Procedures, Policies, and Tactics that Grunder Landscaping Co. uses on a daily basis, and it can all be yours.

The Forms Kit covers everything, from the time the phone rings until the job is done. Nothing is left out, so you will receive documents to help in your marketing and relationship building so that your phone rings again.

Added Value Webinar and Digital Copies

When you purchase the Forms Kit, we will mail you a link to download a webinar, which explains each Form’s use. You will also receive a digital copy of most of the Forms.

Tailor the Forms to Suit Your Operation

Modify and use these forms as your own. Some Forms are Grunder specific and cannot be edited. Feel free to use these Forms as inspiration to create your own forms tailored to your needs and specific language.

Note: This is proprietary information and the property of Marty Grunder, Inc. You agree that your purchase of this product is solely for the use of you and your company. You have paid for this product and it is not to be distributed to anyone outside your company who has not properly purchased this information. If it is discovered that you are forwarding this product to others outside your company, you will not be permitted to purchase future products from Marty Grunder, Inc. This purchase is on the honor system and we request that you adhere to the confidentiality of this product.

Due to the proprietary nature of these forms, landscaping companies that compete in the Dayton, Ohio market will not be allowed to purchase these forms. We must protect the Mother Ship, aka Grunder Landscaping Co.

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