Give Thanks To Your Clients

Give Thanks To Your Clients

Hello everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends. Before I lose you all to thoughts of turkey and stuffing and pumpkin pie, let’s take a minute to think about how we thank those people who make our businesses possible.

Last week we talked about the importance of not taking our teams for granted. This week, let’s turn our focus to that other vital group: Our clients.

There are lots of ways to thank your clients. Some are grand and costly, and some are small and inexpensive. But the most important thing is simply that you show your gratitude—that you make sure your clients know you know they could have chosen one of your competitors and you’re so glad they chose you instead.

Last month we at Grunder Landscaping held a client-appreciation party at our city’s performing-arts center. We treated them to a lovely reception with good food and drink, followed by the musical Jersey Boys. Grand and costly? Sure. But we do this only once a year, and only for our top clients. Eighty percent of our business comes from 20 percent of our customers, and we want them to know how much we appreciate their business.

                     Client Appreciation Event

But there are plenty of other ways to thank your clients, many of which cost little more than a bit of time and a few ounces of effort:

1. Go old-school and handwrite thank-you notes to them. Wish them a happy Thanksgiving or happy holidays and thank them for their business.

2. Plant bulbs on their property and then send them a note of thanks with a photo of the area where you planted them and another photo of the beautiful flowers they have to look forward to next year.

3. Say thanks in a video and e-mail it to them. Shoot the video from their yard while they’re at work and tell them you just dropped by to check in on their landscape.

4. Make a donation to your local food pantry in your clients’ names. E-mail your clients a short video of yourself and your team saying thank you and close by letting them know how you’re paying your gratitude forward. And then follow through and make the donation.

These are just some of the ways to show your clients gratitude. Got others? Join me on Facebook and share how you’ll say thanks this year. 

Have a safe holiday, and thank you all for following me here.


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