Hello Everyone,

Well, believe it or not Spring is right around the corner and for Landscape Professionals that means it’s time to get focused and get to work. This week I want to remind you of the importance of having goals. You should have some personal goals and you should have some company goals.

Personally you ought to have some goals for your personal production at work (sales, profit, new business relationships, and the like). You should also have some goals that the whole team can focus on (gross sales, gross profit, number of lost time accidents, and so on). And you should have some goals for at home (vacations, time spent with kids, projects to complete around the house, etc.).

When we sit down and think about what we want to accomplish for the day, week, month, and year, your chances for achieving that go up dramatically. However, so few of us take the time to do this exercise and then stay focused on it throughout the year. Even Marty Grunder has trouble with this, but I keep on trying to get better at setting goals and then doing the work to achieve them. And, each year I make a little more money, become a little bit better at being a Dad and a Husband, and I find a little more personal satisfaction with what I have achieved.

I hope you’ll take my advice to heart and set some goals this week and then go out and take action towards achieving them.

Talk to you next week. 

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