Good News In Dayton

Good News In Dayton

9 years ago I was very frustrated with the amount of negativity in my hometown of Dayton, Ohio. Sure, the economy wasn’t doing great, however, the sky wasn’t falling and there was still a lot of good news happening. So, I bought my own radio spots and started to do my own news on all the good things going on in Dayton. 

                 Good News in Dayton!

Since then, we’ve recorded over 375 spots and made quite an impact on the local business scene. Not a week goes by that I don’t hear some type of compliment about our efforts.
So, this week, look at the website we created and listen to a few of the spots and contemplate doing your own Good News website and record some spots on your local radio stations.
This has turned out to be a very good way for us to generate some awareness and lots of business for Grunder Landscaping Co. And, if you listen to the spots, you’ll notice we don’t do anything other than mention our name and it is still a very powerful marketing piece.

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