I just celebrated my 47th birthday. I could not believe the amount of text messages, phone calls, cards, visits, social media posts, and the like from friends, family, and acquaintances wishing me a great day.The one’s my kids sent me made me cry as I’m not sure I’m quite as good of a dad as they said I am…just being honest. I know I’m a good dad, however, I also know I have work to do. In fact, each day in my journaling, I write down what I am grateful for. The simple 5 minutes I spend thinking about what I am grateful for helps me mentally and physically. I hope you will start taking 5 minutes a day to write down what you are grateful for. Again, start journaling (more on that in a future post) and write down what you are grateful for.

Here’s a fantastic story about being grateful that is worth reading and by all means, why don’t you forward this post to friends and family and tell them how grateful you are for them and that this post made you think of them!

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