Those of you who have read my books and attended my seminars know that I am a big fan and have learned a lot about business from a grocery store in my hometown. The store is Dorothy Lane Market; it is an incredible operation. They have 3 stores in my area. I know what some of you are thinking—Dayton, Ohio? Isn’t that the place that Forbes magazine called one of the fastest dying cities? Yep, that’s us. Trouble is, while we have our problems, Forbes didn’t bother to look around very much. If they had, they would have seen a lot of good things. One of them being Dorothy Lane Market. Check out this award they won.

My friends in Chicago brag about Sunset Foods. So I went there….nice place, yep, but Dorothy Lane Market is at a much higher level; even my father-in-law from Chicago, who knows his grocery stores, will agree. Others speak about Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati or Stew Leonard’s in CT. Nope, been to both, DLM has them beat as well. Anyway, there is a lot to learn from a successful business. I often say, “Success leaves clues.”

Here’s a photo of my daughter Emily and me at DLM last week.

It’s a wonderful store that completely understands who they are and who they aren’t. And they are proof that you can get ahead in business by zigging when everyone else is zagging. So, my idea this week is to go on DLM’s website and read about them. See what ideas of theirs that you can apply to your business. And, if you’re really looking for help with your business, come see me at one of my Field Trips and, by all means, sign up for GROW! And if you’re really ambitious, call Nancy to talk about having me visit your company and show you how to grow it and make some money!

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