Great Salespeople Listen

Great Salespeople Listen

Great salespeople listen twice as much as they talk. Great salespeople also learn how to ask questions.

When you want information, ask open-ended questions, such as:

  • Tell me about (your project, your problems, your needs).
  • Why did you call us?
  • What is your biggest problem?
  • What does a win look like?

Here are some questions we use at Grunder Landscaping Co.
What activities do you use your yard for now?

  • As you imagine your landscape, what other outside activities would you like to include in your new design?
  • Which kind of outside setting appeals to you:
  • A feeling of enclosure? Outdoor “rooms”?
  • A feeling of openness? A feeling of distance?
  • Restful shades, textured leaves and muted colors?
  • Dramatic shapes and bed lines and bright colors?
  • Lots of shade? Lots of sun?
  • What kinds of water features, walk surfaces and lighting appeal to you?
  • Which kinds of outdoor things do you dislike or want to avoid? (Plants, colors, materials, settings, textures, bed shapes)

Asking questions is always a great way to “zero in” on what your prospect wants.

This week make it a goal to listen more than you talk.

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