GROW! 2017

GROW! 2017

GROW! 2017 plain and simple was an incredible three days of learning. And it was incredible not because of what I did; however, it was incredible because of what the attendees and teachers did.
We had 300 success-minded landscapers in a room sharing and we captured ideas at such a rapid pace, you could not help but be inspired.
My pals, Jim McCutcheon, Frank Mariani, Todd Pugh, and Mike Rorie were so incredible. The wisdom these Industry Giants shared with us was absolutely priceless.  
Scott Jamieson from Bartlett Trees shared his wisdom with us and made us all better with his presentation and experience share throughout the whole event. 
Our tour of Grunder Landscaping Co. has lit a fire under myself and my team and we can’t wait to report back at GROW! 2018 in Tampa and let everyone know what he have changed as a result of GROW!
And finally, I am so proud to announce that we raised over $100,000 for NALP’s Industry Growth Initiative at the first ever GROW! Auction. The Landscape Professionals in the room put their money where their mouth is and we had fun doing it!
It was quite the event and by all means, come see us next year for GROW! 2018. It will be at Ameriscape Services in Tampa, FL and it is sure to be something spectacular.  
For now, watch the video as a reminder of what you saw if you were in Dayton last week or as a painful reminder of what you missed by not being there. There is NO better way to start a season than by being at GROW! and we’ll prove that again next year in Tampa.

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Talk to you next week!

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