Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

July 4th is a great day of the year. First of all, it is America’s Birthday. It’s a time to realize why we are so lucky to live in the US. I know, things are tough right now, but we’ll be back. I guarantee that. Secondly, it’s the midway point of the year. So, it’s also a time to look at how the first part of the year went. Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished? How are you doing on your goals? What do you need to do the second half of the year to improve?

This weekend take an hour and go to a quiet place and write down a few promises to yourself. If you send them to us, we’ll send you a small free gift that will give you a little inspiration to finish up 2009 like a winner!

Also, next week, on July 8th, we have an awesome “virtual tour” of Grunder Landscaping Co. It’s the next best thing to being here with me and for the price (under $150 bucks), you and your team will get a chance to see my dream and learn about the ideas, systems, and procedures we use to make our place the well-oiled machine it is. Go to the website and sign up now:

One final note. I am going to be taking a two-week sabbatical from the Great Ideas to spend some time with my family and recharge my batteries. But don’t worry my associate, Matt Caruso, will be filling in. Many of you know Matt. He’s the guy that took a truck and an idea and turned it into one of the Midwest’s most successful Hardscaping Companies. Learn more about Matt by clicking here. Matt can be found at my events speaking and teaching. He currently is coaching his own group of entrepreneurs as a member of the Team at Marty Grunder! Inc. I am certain you will like his thoughts and see why I am a HUGE Matt Caruso fan and why I am lucky to have him as a part of the team at MGI.

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