Have You Been Reading?

Have You Been Reading?

A few weeks ago I suggested you read the following four books:

Fred 2.0 by Mark Sanborn

Be the Best At What Matters Most By Joe Calloway

Integrity Selling for the 21st Century By Ron Willingham

Run Your Business, Don’t Let it Run You By Clay Mathile

I’m here today to ask you if you read or bought any of them. If you watched that Great Idea and said, “I need to read those books” and you haven’t taken any action towards reading them, why is that?

There are a lot of successful people in the world; they take action and get the work done. Unsuccessful people are really good about talking about what they are going to do, but not much else. So, do you want to be successful or unsuccessful? No one says they want to be an unsuccessful person, but our actions say loud and clear what’s important to us.

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