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A Working Landscaper, Successful Entrepreneur, and Expert Consultant

Marty manages an award winning, multi-million dollar landscaping operation and has helped hundreds of landscapers around the country achieve new levels of professional and personal success. Marty is a leader, teacher, speaker, consultant and coach who works with individual entrepreneurs, their employees, and Green Industry groups. Landscapers who work with Marty benefit immediately from his innovative ideas, his knuckle-busting work ethic, his caring vision, and his principles for exceptional growth.

Hire Marty for Individual and Group Consulting

With Marty’s expert assessment and consulting services, Green Industry companies who are serious about their business make enormous strides toward improving every aspect of their business. Sharing the principles he has proven to work at his own successful landscaping company, Marty helps bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go with a planned, step-by-step process. Unlike some consultants, he doesn’t just produce a report and disappear. He helps you execute your plan and make course corrections along the way.

Marty conducts tailored individual, on-site consultations and accountability groups for motivated professionals who have a strong desire to achieve. However you engage with Marty, you’ll find he provides the tools, tips, and breakthrough ideas you need to keep you moving forward.

Hire Marty to Speak on Motivation, Management and Leadership

As an innovative entrepreneur, CEO of a multimillion-dollar company, and speaker, Marty has delivered hundreds of high energy and customized presentations that make an unforgettable impression on every audience he meets. He is available to do a keynote, breakout or an all day workshop for your audience.

How to Hire Marty!

To tap Marty’s energy and expertise, please call 937.847.9944 or contact Nancy Ericson.

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