This week I want to talk about improvement. One of the ways we get better is by always looking for ways to get better. Here’s an e-mail I received from our Fleet and Facilities Manager, Joe Spatz:

“Sales people, it’s that time of year again; in your mailbox you will find the annual sheets that I pass out every year looking for your input; maybe it’s a problem or a want on the GLC vehicle that you drive, or maybe on the jobsite you noticed something with a truck or piece of equipment that could be improved, or maybe you have seen another company with a piece of equipment that you thought would benefit Grunder by being more efficient, safer, a way to cut labor cost; all input gives us the chance to become better. Thanks for your help.

J. S.”

And here’s the sheet he asks our whole team to fill out.

This is a small thing we do, but it’s thinking like this that helps us improve. And when you can get your people to do this (I had NOTHING to do with this), you are on the right track. Even small details like this make a big difference. What do you need to improve? How can you get your team to think like my Joe does? Those questions and others are things we’ll talk about and you’ll learn about at GROW! 2012.

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