I hope you enjoy this photo of me wearing a new form of ear protection.

Marty with Tervis Tumblers

Okay…now that you are laughing, let me explain. I am holding two Tervis Tumblers over my ears. One with the logo of my beloved Dayton Flyers and the other with the logo of my favorite pro sports team—the Cincinnati Reds. And I was happy to pose for this photo. Why? Those are two brand new Tervis Tumblers sent to me by them as a result of their no questions asked guarantee.

Tervis Tumblers are manufactured in North Venice, Florida. Check out their website at

My house is full of Tervis Tumblers. I love them as they are great glasses but what I really like about the company is the way they stand behind their product. And look what happens as a result. Those two glasses failed, probably because my kids dropped them. Tervis has a “lifetime warranty,” no questions asked. Tervis doesn’t ask; they realize if they take care of the client, it will come back to them ten-fold.

Sometimes in business you take a risk and it pays off. Tervis Tumblers is a well run company with a lot of loyal fans. No wonder.

This week think about what you could do to build a fan base. A warranty that makes a client say “WOW” is one way to do just that.

Do you ever make mistakes? I know I do but I try not to repeat them. Ironically, we had a mistake with Tuesday’s 10 Mistakes Most Landscapers Make & How to Avoid Them webinar so we had to reschedule it to Tuesday, August 9, from 4:00-5:15 pm, Eastern Daylight Time. But that means that you have another chance to sign up for this webinar.

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