Dr. John Maxwell has been a great friend and mentor to me. Not only have I learned a ton from him, but he has also been a good friend to me. Here’s one of his recent excerpts on volunteering from a daily video he sends out. I encourage you to watch this, but first let me send my own perspective on volunteering.

I think it’s hard to find time to volunteer as a father and entrepreneur and landscaper. But, you can find the time. For the last 10 years I have been a lector in my church. A lector shares readings from the Bible with the congregation. You volunteer to do this and I must tell you I love doing this. Let me tell you how I started.

I was in a group of young fathers and one of the fathers said that “we all need to volunteer.” I shot back, “Volunteer? I don’t have time for that. My first responsibility is my family, so they get my time, I don’t have time to spend with them, so I’m sure not going to help others, if I can’t help them first.” My friend Jim calmly shot back, “You can volunteer at your church, your kids’ school, a lot of places. Marty, what about being a lector at church; that’s service. And it would be good for your kids to see you doing that. You’re going to be at mass anyway; why not do some service while you are there?” I felt sort of stupid; he was right; I could find time to volunteer, so I became a lector in the church. I put my talents as a professional speaker to work and I help the church, and my kids see me helping, volunteering in the process.

It’s really not the size of the deed that matters. Do what you can, with what you have, but do volunteer. Do the volunteering with your family or your team at work. You’ll feel better and I believe you’ll actually do better, for I have found that those who give actually receive!

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Here are Dr. Maxwell’s thoughts on volunteering; he’s right on, by the way.

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  1. Tom Heitz Reply

    Great post Marty. I felt the same way about my time until I realized that being involved with my sons sports teams I would be volunteering and spending time with my kids. No that my kids are older I look to help out people in the community and demonstrate to other the personal and professional benefits of getting involved. We all have time if we think about it.

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