How do you hire?

How do you hire?

My friend Bruce Langos is the CCO of Teradata. Teradata is a leader in data storage with annual sales of close to 3B. At a recent lunch with Bruce, we were talking about hiring and he shared with me a plaque he had made for his office that details his feelings on talent. Here it is:


Bruce says he doesn’t read resumes of applicants. He knows what he’s looking for and he has a conversation with each applicant. He’s looking for talent and if he finds talent, he knows he can win.  Reread his beliefs again.  It’s a simple, yet brilliant concept to hiring.  Covey said “begin with the end in mind”.  So does my friend at Teradata.  Bruce knows how important hiring is and he takes actions to back that up.  He knows what he’s looking for before he starts.  Do you?  I know I have some work to do in this area.   
Do you have set procedures for your hiring? Or do you have a more casual approach?  Which one do you think improves your chances for success?  Hmmmmmm……..

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