How do you look at things?

How do you look at things?

My buddy and professional sales trainer and speaking coach Patricia Fripp ( has a great e-mail she sends out every other week. I highly recommend that you sign up for her e-mail and purchase any and all products she offers; I have most of them, if that says anything. One of her recent e-mails had some fantastic advice she picked up from one of her clients who has been trained by top sales trainer Tom Hopkins. I think it will help you with your selling efforts in this tough environment. Here is what she shared:

BAD Cheaper
GOOD Less expensive, more affordable, better value, cost effective
BAD Sign
GOOD Authorize, endorse, OK, approve
BAD Contract
GOOD Agreement, paperwork
BAD Price
GOOD Investment, total amount
BAD Problem
GOOD Challenge
BAD Appointment
GOOD Stop by, pop in, visit
Q. What is it going to cost me?
A. Do you mean IF you hire me, or if you DON’T?

It is very important that you be as positive as you can in this environment and do all you can to help your clients see the value, expertise, and professionalism you bring to the deal. Use the above words regularly until they become a habit!

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