We all need to understand it is far easier to sell more work or more products to a client than a prospect. Why is that? Because you have a relationship with the client; they trust you. There is a connection. And in sales you will never be successful until you learn to connect with prospects before you try to convince them to work with you or buy your products.

You know the feeling; you don’t buy from the pushy car salesman at the local dealership. But you might buy from the car salesman that goes to your church and has said hello to you for the last 15 years. You don’t buy the copier from the guy that walks in your office boasting his machine is the best and would be perfect for your office but you do buy one from the lady who came in and asked you to go through her questionnaire to see if they were a “match” for you and then kept in touch for months in a nice, calm way slowly building confidence and a relationship in the process.

So, while it is very important to look for new clients, don’t do it at the expense of taking care of the current clients you have. Make sure you are talking to them and make sure you are showing them everything you can do for them. I have been able to turn little clean-up clients into clients who have had us re-landscape their whole property and then let us take care of it. We are their landscaper “for life,” or at least we hope we are!

Talk to you next week. If you’re not signed up for GROW! 2011….why?

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