One of the most important parts of growing a company is to make certain the expectations that you have for new hires and what they should expect from you are in line. Problems often arise by not being crystal clear. Do you have an orientation or an on-boarding process for your new hires? If you do, we’d like to learn more about what you are doing as we develop more products to help landscapers grow.

Recently I came across a very interesting handbook. Check this one out; it’s different but it does what you want a handbook to do, which is explain what you want your team to do and how to do it and what they can expect from you.

Your thoughts?

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  1. JEFF BROWN Reply

    This handbook is great. It gives the the bacis info about how to function
    within the company & insight of what is expected.

    It also tells you that mistakes are expected because they want you to think outside the box.

    This tells the team member that they should give imput & they are valued. It also gives them power to fix what they can.

    While this is a very detailed handbook specific for their company the concept is very simple.

    1. Describe the culture of the company.
    2. Tell them what is expected of them and how to get there.
    3. Give them permission to give imput & ideas

    I loved the peer review section, I will start doing that today.

    I found out the other day that a simple statement like the more my company makes the more I can pay you. I had 2 new team members asking for cards & door hangers to hang & pass out on there day off. That will be in my handbook from now own.

    Jeff Brown
    Trim Master’s Lawn Care

  2. Peter Wimberg Reply

    Reminds me a lot of the Zingerman book(s) on how to build a business. I feel like I can, and will, engage my office staff in a discussion on this. I’d love to have our handbook be more than rules but I also know that we have to have those rules. I wish we were hiring people who responded to the type of work environment the this handbook speaks to. In the office we’ve made great strides this spring with the scheduling board, sales techniques, targeted promotions and advertising, etc. I still feel a great disconnect with the field staff in getting them on board. Certainly hiring the right people who would respond to this type of environment would make all the difference. At this point we can barely get people to show up for the interview and hope that this who do don,t have rap sheets a mile long.

  3. Chloie Reply

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