How Many Priorities Do You Have?

How Many Priorities Do You Have?

Hello Everyone, 

In my work with landscapers all over the US and Canada, I find one of the obstacles to them getting things accomplished is they actually have too many priorities. So many in fact, they can’t focus. Having no more than 5 priorities (and I’d prefer you just have 3) is the way to get things done. When you have more than 5, you get overwhelmed and spend most of your time stressing over all the work you have to do.

My Great Idea this week is to take your journal and a pen and go to a quiet place and write down the 3 most important things you must do between now and the end of the year to have a successful year. If you end up with 5, okay, but 3 is even better. Then get focused on those and spend time each week on them.

Here are the 3 I have as CEO at Grunder Landscaping Company:

1. Sell more work
2. Find more of the Right People
3. Be more efficient
Each of these priorities has several action plans and metrics under them to help us make significant progress. Things like sales, turnover ratio, and actual vs budgeted hours.

At the end of the year, I can promise you this, we will have improved in all 3 areas. Why? We’re focused on it and what gets measured can be improved.

                  The GLC Scoreboard

I hope I have helped you today.

Talk to you next week. 

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