We all could use a compliment. Last week, my mom called me and left me a voice mail telling me about the Kitchen Design store she went to and how several of the people who worked there knew who I was and how they had nice things to say about me. I’m 41; my mom is 71; you’d think my days of getting compliments from my mom would be over. And you’d think that they wouldn’t have much of an impact on me. Well, wrong on both accounts.

I love it when my mom calls me and I have watched her spread her positive words of encouragement to people for years. 41 years, to be exact. There’s a great lesson there. And that lesson is never underestimate the power of a compliment. Make it a good, specific one, but compliment people on what they do well. Don’t use them so often they lose their impact but be a leader who consistently tells people what they did well and you’ll see a difference in your organization, on your team, or even at home! You never know what those little words of appreciation can do for someone.

Gotta run, I’m going to call my wife and tell her thanks for all her help in the past week. Those of you who know me well know my wife is the brains behind the Grunder Family! And I challenge you to do the same for someone who has made a difference in your life right now…..not tomorrow or next week—right now!

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