Every two weeks a salesperson stops by our office. He sells miscellaneous items we use in repairing our fleet. There’s no way he’s a student of time management because if he were, he wouldn’t be doing what he does.

We spend, at the most, a couple of hundred dollars a month with him. We are not a big client. Yet every two weeks he shows up—without an appointment. One of my assistants in the office said to me one day, “Why does he just show up? Why doesn’t he call or e-mail? Maybe show up once in a while, but what a waste of time.” I couldn’t agree more.

Look, I’m all about relationship selling. I am writing a book on that very subject right now. But, you need to be smart about your time and how you spend it. Spend the most face-to-face time with your biggest and best clients and with the prospects you have the best shot at doing a lot of business with. Think about where you get the biggest returns. There are only so many hours in a day; use them wisely.

I am the sales manager of Grunder Landscaping Company and I want my people spending time with all my clients. You never know who you can turn into a big client. But at a certain point you can tell what’s possible and need to spend your time wisely. Smart business people know where their time can be best spent and only smart people get my weekly Great Idea!

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