How well do you delegate?

How well do you delegate?

How well do you delegate? I can tell you this – you won’t grow if you don’t learn how to effectively delegate. Here’s a nice piece by my friend Dr. Maxwell on Delegation.

Dr. Maxwell, Marty Grunder, and Scott Fay

Here I am with Dr. Maxwell and Scott Fay of TCI Rood in Florida last August

Dear Marty,
It is so nice to begin the day together. Today’s… A Minute with Maxwell video message is ready for you.

Click the image, watch the video, leave us your comments and then pass it along to others, and together we can enrich the world. Enjoy!



Delegation is one of the things we landscapers struggle with, big time. Some of it is because we don’t trust people; some of it is because we have trouble letting go but most of it is because we don’t know how to delegate and haven’t seen success delegating things. If you desire to grow your organization, delegation is something you MUST master. If you need some help learning how to delegate, call us; we’ll show you want we can do for you in this area.

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