Identifying your Core Values is essential to having a successful company. Core Values are the foundation of a company’s culture. They are the beliefs, the behaviors, the philosophies upon which all decisions are based.

Here’s an “oldie, but goodie” from the recently passed Steve Jobs that will help you see the “value” of “Core values,” if you will; “will.”

Enjoy and, by all means, your comments are welcome below.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Adam Linnemann Reply

    Excellent weekly tip Marty! I enjoy reading your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas every week! You do “think different” which is why I enjoy following you! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us at Grow 2012! I’m sure it will be exceptional as always! -AL!

  2. Benton Reply

    Jobs was a master at the art of making something seemingly unemotional change people’s lives. What was so great about this was it didn’t just happen by accident it was part of his plan for each of the new products he rolled out. He defiantly showed the computer industry that if you dream big the result will not just be a piece of equipment you use to do your job but an extension of the people who buy it. Could you imagine where our companies would go if we could harness this ideal and make it a part of our companies’ culture. Great example of the CEO of a company molding culture and how powerful culture is in a company. Great video.

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