If you treat every day…

If you treat every day…

“If you treat every situation as a life-and-death matter, you’ll die a lot of times.”

– Dean Smith, legendary former coach of the UNC Tarheels

Some great advice. In trying times it’s easy to get stressed out and think the worst is going to happen. In these times it’s important to think positively and believe good things will happen, not the bad.

Things are going to turn around in the future, hopefully, sooner rather than later. Your job is to give your team hope and for you to have hope. Living every day saying, “I wonder what else could go wrong” isn’t healthy. It only adds a lot of stress to the day and that’s not worth it. Sure, a little stress is good; it pushes us to do better, but a little positive thinking is also good.

This week think about what you might be missing because you have only been thinking about losing. Think about winning. Think about what a perfect day 3 years from now would look like and go out and work towards that…and by all means, act like a winner!


  1. Stanley Saltzman Reply

    Saw Marty at the recent Pest Control Seminar in New Jersey. Wonderful and inspiring talk about doing all the things that we know we should do in order to make doing business with our company more satisfying for the consumer.

    We are fortunate in that our corporate philosophy is the same as the Grunder organization.

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