Implementing Great Ideas

Implementing Great Ideas

Hello All, 

We get questions asking for some help on how to implement the Great Ideas I share here all the time.  

No matter what size your business is, every company should do 3 things:

 1. Create a Culture of Constant Improvement.

Never ever be satisfied with where you are; keep looking for new and better ways to do things. Try new things. If you make a mistake, don’t look at that as a problem; look at mistakes as learning, very valuable learning. Demand that your people give you new ideas and reward them for this. This works for big and small companies.

 2. Constantly Communicate What’s Important at Your Company.

I mean constantly; each and every day is fine. Share your mission statement (Don’t have one? Get one!). Reward those behaviors you want to see more of. Squash the behaviors you don’t want and remember that “whatever you allow, you encourage.”  This works for big and small companies.

 3. Listen to your clients.

I say all the time that your clients will tell you what you need to do to be successful; you just have to ask them and then listen.  This works for big and small companies.

Talk to you next week and hopefully will see you at GROW! 2016 in Dallas!  

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