Is a Hybrid, Wind Farm, or Solar Panel in your future?

Is a Hybrid, Wind Farm, or Solar Panel in your future?

I recently purchased a Hybrid SUV for my family to run around in. It’s really quite a neat little car. It’s nothing fancy, but I feel good driving it, especially when it’s getting 30 miles to the gallon. This week I’ll ask you to look at what you’re driving and see if there’s not something better for you. In many instances, it doesn’t make any sense at all to get something different. In fact, a friend of mine said he can buy a lot of gas to fill up his 13-miles-per-gallon Yukon that is paid for instead of buying a new hybrid Yukon for over $50,000! Sometimes it does make sense so just look at the math. Bill and Dawn Pols run a neat little company in New Jersey called Good Earth Pros. They recently traded in their gas guzzlers for two Toyotas. One is the popular Prius and the other is the Scion XB. They report to me they are saving over $500/month in gas alone which basically pays for the cars. Again, look at the math.

I believe there are some exciting breakthroughs to come in the near future with cars and trucks. In fact, it seems like the real breakthrough will come when cars generate more electricity than they consume, which is not as outlandish as it sounds. Hybrid vehicles currently take the kinetic electricity generated by braking and use it to help fuel motion to be stored and sold back to the grid for micropayments. Stay tuned, folks, there are a bunch of opportunities coming. I myself am trying to figure out how I can power my office with a wind farm. It’s a huge dream and I’m probably crazy, but people thought Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison were crazy and look at what people think of them now.

Do some research this week on alternative fuels and energy; you might find a Great Idea that changes your life and that of those around you.

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