The bank I work with sends out a newsletter to their employees called Applause. Since I’m a Board Member, I get a copy of it. I really enjoy reading it. Anyway, read these excerpts from the most recent issue concerning some awesome customer service their employees demonstrated.

    Examples of Great Customer Service

    After Michelle Teegarden spent 10 minutes in the cold with a customer retrieving a blown-away deposit, the customer returned the next day with a box of chocolates and a card that read: “Thanks so much for weathering the cold with me to find our checks. You truly went above the call of duty!”

    Theresa Schroyer was waiting on a customer who talked about her daughter being off to college, but in need of an account. Rather than wait until her daughter came home, Theresa prepared all of the paperwork in advance in order to make the process extremely easy for the customer. It was due to the extra steps she took to get this done that her customer left the office extremely happy.

    Sarah (Philhower) Knight sold a Plus Package over the phone to a quite difficult customer who had called in to inquire on the cost of a check order. Later in the day the customer came in to sign the paperwork for the Plus Package and Sarah noticed she was having a hard time writing. Sarah offered to assist her and wrote out all of her information for her. The customer thanked Sarah for her excellent customer service! No one had ever seen the customer so warm and appreciative.

The message this week is a simple one. It’s really not that hard to offer service that clients notice and remember you for. In today’s business environment you need to be finding ways to impress your clients and let them see through your actions that you care. Use these stories from Park National Bank of Southwest Ohio as motivation for you to get your team to do the same. It doesn’t take much and if you’d like to see your clients stay with you, instead of looking for a new group to work with, you’ll embrace this suggestion enthusiastically.

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