Is this your recession?

Is this your recession?

In 1990, shortly after Tom MacLeod took over as President of Iams, the mega-successful pet food company, he was faced with a dilemma–that being the company had a plan for the year that called for growth. However, the economy seemingly wasn’t cooperating and there was a lot of negativity around. He did something to make a point. He produced buttons that said, “Iams is not participating in this recession.” People wore the buttons for a few weeks, chuckled and went to work. It made his point. A point I want to make this week. There is little if anything at all you can do to combat what the media, politicians, and even your Uncle Joe say about the economy. What you can do is get to work like there is no recession, stop making excuses, and lead by example.

When times are tough, we see what true winners are made of. Times might be tough, but nobody ever said success is or was easy. So, this week, print up your own signs that make your pledge not to participate in this recession. Smile, call some clients, send out some marketing, cold call that office by you that might need your services, or do something. When you do nothing, you can expect what? Nothing! Tom MacLeod was right to make the statement he made in 1990…funny how 18 years later, his message is still appropriate.

Oh, yeah, I am not, nor is Grunder Landscaping Co., participating in this recession either. And here’s my sign with some of my team to prove it!

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