Genius without education is like silver in the mine.
Benjamin Franklin

We never stop learning. Or we shouldn’t ever stop learning. Even in this tough economic situation, we need to make or take the time and money to find ways to better operate our businesses to enrich both the business and our lives. While we’re waiting for the recovery, this would be a good time to attend seminars or events for yourself and your team members so you can make your plans to improve your businesses and processes for the future. Unless, of course, you’ve given up! Not!!!!!

There are all kinds of events and seminars all around the country focusing on all kinds of topics. I wanted to take a few minutes and tell you about a new seminar we are offering in Dayton, Ohio, and remind you of the Grunder Landscaping Field Trips this summer and fall and next winter’s GROW! event, also in Dayton.

On Tuesday, July 27th, Ed Eppley and I will be hosting Who Moved My Customer? Practical Survival Tactics for Business Leaders. This will be a one-day event at Cox Arboretum in Dayton, from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. We must learn to adjust to the needs of the customer to survive and thrive. And we have to make sure our team knows what to do so we can be successful this year and in future years. We’ll teach you the biggest mistakes leaders are making right now and could potentially make and how to avoid them. We’ll discuss how to make better decisions in today’s economy and selling tactics that work. And we’ll work on problem solving within the group. You can see the agenda on the website. Sign up now. This event will be a complete sell-out; I will guarantee that.

Then we have the Grunder Landscaping Field Trips. This year’s dates are: August 19-20, September 9-10, and October 14-15. We offer an intensive one-day immersion into the workings, processes and procedures of Grunder Landscaping Co. My key people will share our secrets and we’ll send you home with a binder full of forms that you can use at your business. Past attendees have mentioned they feel the forms alone are worth the cost of the visit. The Field Trip is a small group event and is the only way to get all the information on the day-to-day operation of one of the Midwest’s best landscaping companies. Sign up today to experience Grunder Landscaping for yourself.

The 2011 GROW! Event will be held in Dayton from February 10-12, 2011. Business owners and managers from all around the country have attended our GROW! events. This is a three-day event packed with sessions designed to prepare you and your team for a successful year. You’ll have the chance to network with owners of similar companies and they are always willing to share their best, and maybe the worst, experiences to help you learn from them as well. Hundreds of owners have attended our GROW! events over the years to get motivated and prepared to approach their year with a positive attitude and tools to help with their success. You won’t want to miss this event! Click here to sign up.

We are also in the process of scheduling webinars for the remainder of the year. Watch this website for further details.

And if you’re interested in one-on-one consulting, you can contact Nancy at the office and she’ll be glad to explain how we can help you.

There is a recovery coming and you need to be ready. Don’t sit around and wait for things to get better; make them better by making an investment in yourself. Smart entrepreneurs and leaders are doing that right now; you need to do the same. Now is the time to invest in yourself! Sign up for one of these events today.

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