Laugh…It Does A Body Good

Laugh…It Does A Body Good

If you worked at Grunder Landscaping Co. or you are a friend of mine, you know I like to have fun. I can’t tell you how many hours in the last year I have laughed talking with my friends Bill, Judd, John, and Mike, or my co-workers Amber, Paul, Joe, and Brent. In the last month my son and I have orchestrated numerous jokes on mom and his sisters and have been paid back as well. I learned this from my father. He’s been gone almost 10 years, which is very, very hard to believe.

My message this week is pretty simple. Take some time to laugh, take some time to have fun, take some time to slow down and enjoy some of the pleasures in life, like having fun with family and friends.

Here are a couple of tasteful cartoons from the Optimist Magazine I get.

They made me chuckle; I hope they make you chuckle too. And I hope this week you’ll take my message to heart and have some fun.

Here’s a photo of my Dad and me from September of 2000 at Belmont Race Track in New York City.

As you can tell, we were having fun. Little did I know my father would leave us 2 short months later. I cherish the time I spent with him and I remember fondly all those little jokes he told and pulled on me and my family. He was a funny guy and a good dad to me. Hopefully, in 20 years or so, my kids will say the same thing about me and think my pulling my shorts up to my armpits last week and running about the room screaming “help me” in front of their friends really was funny! (I know, bad visual for some of you. Notice I did not include a photo of that.) My teenage daughters didn’t think it was too funny; oh, well, they’ll get over it…..I hope! 😉

Take care and Have some Fun this week!

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