Listening Skills

Listening Skills

How are your listening skills? For years I have had to work on listening. It truly is a skill that we all need to work on. Those who don’t listen miss much. This week, focus on your listening skills. Here are a few tips.

  1. Look at the person who is talking to you and let them talk, focus on them and the message. Sometimes I will silently repeat the key words to myself while they are talking to me. Don’t let your eyes wander; that’s a real turnoff.
  2. Ask questions as the person talks to you. Wait for a proper spot to ask a probing question or two. This does two things: it helps you understand what is being said and it shows the person speaking to you that you truly are listening.
  3. Repeat what the message was so effective communication takes place. Don’t just repeat word for word; comment, or even expand upon what was said.

Listening really is something many of us struggle with, but with a focus on it, you can improve immediately. We’d all be better off at home and at work if we listened a little more to what people were saying.

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