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Local Media

We are NOT giving up on finding people ladies and gentlemen, WE CAN DO IT.

Thanks to our wonderful government, who for some reason thinks that running a business is evil, we abandoned the H-2B program this week after months of headaches. I could go on and on about all the issues we’ve had. If you are involved in the program, then you know it’s broken and needs fixed. The Department of Labor is a mess to say the least. I’ll stop and start worrying about what I can control.

There are two things I can control relative to finding qualified members to add to our team:  

#1- I can make sure we are taking care of our current team members. The best way to attract others to work at your company is to make your place a great place to work. We’re doing all sorts of things to help our engagement with our team. The biggest one is talking to them about where they want to go and what in their skill set they feel they need to improve upon. And then we’re putting plans in place to do just that.

#2- Get the word out. We have signs up everywhere, we’re running ads; however, we also got some “free” advertising too. We unleashed some PR designed to help us find people. Click the two links below to see what we got done just by calling the paper and talking with the news station: 



Lesson? – Don’t sit back and do nothing folks. Smile, deal with the challenges and get ahead. We’re going to win this battle too! 

Talk to you next week. 

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