What is Your Best Marketing Plan?

What is Your Best Marketing Plan?

Sometimes the best marketing is fun, cheap and different!

Here’s a photo of a sign on the door at one of my favorite casual dining spots in Dayton, Ohio – Doubleday’s Grill and Tavern:

While I was at the restaurant, there were a whole lot of people ordering the homemade stuffed green peppers. Could it be any simpler? As you look at this sign, think about your own marketing.

In your quest to do big things, are you missing the little things? Are your trucks lettered on all 4 sides? Trailers too? Do you use job site signs? When was the last time you used a door hanger or knocked on the door of a home next to one you are working on?

You don’t always have to spend a bunch of money on marketing that works and works well. In fact, wouldn’t it give you a sense of pride if you came up with an effective marketing piece that was fun, cheap and different? (And it also worked?)

Have a safe and happy Halloween.

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