My Annual “Throw Away the New Phone Book” Great Idea

My Annual “Throw Away the New Phone Book” Great Idea

If you are a landscaper and are still paying money to advertise in the Yellow Pages, we want to talk to you! If that works for you, we’d like to understand how. If it’s not working or you are not sure if it’s working, we want to help you!

The lesson is this: you as the CEO of a small business need to take an intimate interest in your marketing and not let the so called “experts” tell you what to do. A 24-year-old Yellow Pages ad rep is NOT an expert!!!

Call us. Unless of course, you are as excited as Steve Martin is when you get your new phone book. If you are, keep on spending your money on that form of advertising. Me, I sigh and throw them out! Click the video, watch and laugh:

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  1. kenc Reply

    if those books are not being used how do you explain that call tracked ads in those books showed an average 18% increase in calls the last two years??

  2. Marty Reply

    I don’t know how to explain that. You tell me. Where did that report come from. I base my post on my personal experience at my company but more so from the ones I work with. Thx for the post- I am very interested in any evidence that the paper phone book is the best place for marketing dollars. MG

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