People Are Tempted …

People Are Tempted …

Hello…..sometimes people are tempted to do things that end up getting them into a lot of trouble. Below you’ll see a link to an article about a landscaper who chose to try and get work the easy way, which ended up costing him dearly. It’s a sad story; I don’t know this company or this man, but I can assure you he’s regretting what he did and I can also assure you he has loved ones who are very concerned for him.

Read the article and as you read it, make sure that ethics make up an important part of your daily training and education at your company. In all honesty, the lesson ought to be pretty short and to the point. It could go something like this:

Part 1 – If you ever think or feel like you’re doing something wrong, you probably are. Stop and look carefully at what you are doing. Ask for advice if you must.

Part 2 – Always tell the truth…always. When you do this and always do the right thing, you will have nothing to worry about.

Here’s the story.

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