People Make the World Go Round

People Make the World Go Round

The more people you know and consider friends, the better luck you have for success. So, it’s important to be interested in people, rather than trying to make yourself “interesting” for others.

Today, the next time you see someone, be it a friend or a new friend or a co-worker or client, say something that is sincere and true. It might be, “You know, every time I come into your office, it always looks so organized,” or, “I see where your daughter’s team won their game over the weekend, congratulations, dad,” or, “You always look so nice.” Or even, “Your work is top notch and I’m proud to work with you.” We underestimate the power of a compliment and the role they play in helping others get better, feel valued, and be someone who wants to help you. Don’t misunderstand me; this isn’t a game. You’re not trying to trick people into liking you; you’re trying to be a friend and friends help friends. When business professionals grasp this concept, great things can happen and they will happen…..naturally.

I have always tried to be nice and do the right thing and it’s amazing how our businesses can grow just by doing that.

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