The Problem of Tomorrow

The Problem of Tomorrow

What’s the problem of tomorrow that you need to start working on today? Recently I was reading some information online about innovation. As the President and CEO of a landscaping company, I am struggling with how to implement some innovation into my company. I mean, are there really different and better ways to plant a tree? Mow a lawn? Trim a hedge? Install annuals? The answer is yes. This week I ask you to look at your business and the things you do each and every day. Is there a new and better way to do things? More than likely there is.

Too many organizations do things a certain way because that’s the way it’s always been done. And while it may take awhile to have a breakthrough in terms of how you do things, I know one thing for certain, if you do nothing about it, nothing is what’s going to happen and, more importantly, nothing is going to improve.

Think about this and have a meeting with your entire team and ask them to help you find new and better ways to do everything. Ask them what the problems of tomorrow are that that you need to be working on today! You don’t have to make any changes, but to win, you need to have a mindset of continuous improvement.

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