Relationship Selling

Relationship Selling

Recently a client sent me an awesome e-mailing that talked about something I am very passionate about. That something is the concept of relationship selling. In the next several months, I will talk a little bit about relationship selling; in fact, we even have an upcoming teleseminar on this very topic. What is relationship selling? It is the concept that the best way to sell is one based on building a rapport with your clients and prospects and always doing what’s right for them, not what’s right for you. It’s selling to clients and prospects the way you would sell to a friend or family member. Relationship selling means you focus on honesty, trust, communication, full disclosure, and altruism. I don’t expect you to completely grasp the whole concept right now; it’s not difficult, but it involves way more than what I have room to say in the GREAT IDEA, so in the coming months, I’ll be sharing some examples of Relationship Selling. And here’s one:

Back to the e-mail my client sent me on Relationship Selling. It spoke to the importance of seeing clients and prospects face to face. It’s important, very important, that we get out and see people and not hide behind e-mails and phone calls. Why? Think about this. The easiest form of communication to avoid is an e-mail. One punch of the delete button and that’s gone. The second easiest form of communication to dismiss is a letter; those can get thrown out, sometimes without even being read. The third easiest form of communication to avoid is a phone call. Sometimes the other person isn’t there, or they can simply say goodbye and hang up. The hardest form of communication to avoid is a face-to-face visit. It is always the best way to show a client or prospect the passion you have for their business and to enhance the relationship you have with this person. So, my GREAT IDEA for this week is to get out and see people and don’t hide behind e-mails, letters, and phone calls. Go see your clients and prospects; let them see, hear, and feel the interest you have for them and their business. Oh, yeah, you know the other cool thing about talking with your clients and prospects in person? When they’re talking to you, they can’t be talking to the competition!

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