Reward Yourself

Reward Yourself

My Great Idea for the week is pretty simple. I want you to do something for yourself today! Go buy a new pair of shoes, get a new jacket, have your car detailed, or get a massage (I can’t believe I said that; I have never had a massage in my life, I don’t like strange people touching me!). It is very important that we reward ourselves, possibly now more than ever. Last week I went out to dinner with my wife and after dinner I bought myself a couple of new shirts and I bought my wife a new outfit. Yes, just like every other family in America, we’re watching our pennies too, but at a certain point, you have to spend some money for your own personal sanity.

Unless you have been feeling sorry for yourself every day and spend all your time sharing the misery with others, you deserve a little reward for hanging in there and for making it this far. America is the most resilient country in the world and we will be back. And, I think it will be very soon…..but only…..only if we believe things can and will get better. So, reward yourself today and keep your chin up. I am granting you permission and that’s all the reason you need to spend some money on yourself, okay? Hope I made you feel better and I hope you’ll pat yourself on the back.

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